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1. Piece of shit, brianwashing, cock sucker who wrecks homes and doesn't mind his own business; 2. Man who doesn't get pussy, so he must make screen names as if he does (e.g. meanpeenus; sirfhuxalott) 3. One who has it coming to him; 4. Someone who spends too much time on the computer
That gut meanbugger sure has it coming to him.
by Guess? November 16, 2004
1. Piece of shit, home wrecking, cock sucker who doesn't know when to leave; 2. Man who doesn't get ANY pussy, so he needs to make screen names pretending he does. (e.g. - sirfhuxalott; meanpeenis; meanisDan); 3. Someone who Will get what is coming to him
That meanbugger can go fuck himself.
by Guess? November 18, 2004
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