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One which is overjoyed by the action of playing a "Massively Multiplayer Online Role- Playing Game", or MMORPG.

MMO- from acronym MMORPG

Addict- one who surrender's oneself to something obsessivley.
MMOAddict pwns ur mom!!

MMOAddict kicked my ass!!

I wish i was MMOAddict....
by Guess? August 30, 2004
1. Piece of shit, brianwashing, cock sucker who wrecks homes and doesn't mind his own business; 2. Man who doesn't get pussy, so he must make screen names as if he does (e.g. meanpeenus; sirfhuxalott) 3. One who has it coming to him; 4. Someone who spends too much time on the computer
That gut meanbugger sure has it coming to him.
by Guess? November 16, 2004
1. Piece of shit, home wrecking, cock sucker who doesn't know when to leave; 2. Man who doesn't get ANY pussy, so he needs to make screen names pretending he does. (e.g. - sirfhuxalott; meanpeenis; meanisDan); 3. Someone who Will get what is coming to him
That meanbugger can go fuck himself.
by Guess? November 18, 2004
A group of peeps in E-town, alberta which are "gangsta's"
they all have gangsta names like
sarizzle(sarah), p-diddy(paulina aka inka), j-bott(julia), gee gee unit(georgia), ebo(erin), a-split(alyssa), m-straight(mary), c-dog(courtney,and j-slut(joyce). These people may think that there gangsters, but there not even close =)
person one-aw that sarizzle is one biotch!

person two-oh dont even go there girl! shes in the Gang of Coolness!!!!!
by guess? March 15, 2005
a well cool person that loves to look at miss stantons arse (tech teacher) and sing in tech as we all no from last lesson when he sung an amazing version of 'i dont wanna no'.
ur not uncool in the slightest
by guess? May 26, 2004
Hot-ass boy who's hot as hell and a perfect ten; spinoff of dimepiece or dime (which usually refers to females).
Damn, you's a dimeboy, boi.
by Guess? January 03, 2005
fidel is a dangerous rude boy, who u really wudnt wanna mess with cos he wud probably knock u out. be careful he is also in the woodgreen M.O.B and would jack u straight away if u wen near him. Be afraid of the fidel
O.M.G is that the original Fidel Black the rude boy of the year. HIDE! it is.................. JOKIN FIDEL AINT NO RUDE BOY hes just a really coool person who isnt uncoool at all
by guess? May 26, 2004

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