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A male or female who enjoys the taste of anus is said to be a meakyboy/meakygirl. Such sexual deviance is said to be enjoyed either directly through the sexual practice of rimming or indirectly by the act of ass to mouth. Meakyboys/meakygirls are usually indiscriminate about the gender of the anus they are devouring. True enthusiasts have even been said to explore their own anal cavities.
You fancy the cinema's tonight?
No I think I'm gonna practice licking my ringpiece.
Oh I didn't realise you were a meakyboy.

What are you doing to that man's arsehole?
Mum, I've already explained to you, I'm a meakyboy

Young athletic male with GSOH WLTM a meakygirl for anal experimentation
by Kingdong82 January 13, 2010
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