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1.To be incredibley brave
2.An Irish Name
1.Guy 1:WOW!She just saved those kids from that burning building!
Guy 2:Yeah,shes a total Meadhbh.

2.Guy 1:Hey thats that Irish girl,whats her name?
Guy 2:Thats Meadhbh!I heard she once saved some kids from a burning building.
by NinjaGirl August 17, 2008
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The name of a Queen of Connacht from the 1st Century A.D

Some people are just born with many talents, she is one. To her nothing is impossible, so she does not readily accept defeat. Blessed are those who can charm her into their lives, she will be worth it.
"Wow, did you see how she didnt give up even when it looked like she was going to lose the race ? She actually won it in the end !"

"Yeah, i know ! She is a total Meadhbh !"
by Irish Historian June 22, 2009
non-triangular person, very out going and adventurous, likes chocolate cake , kinda similar to a Mark!!!
Guy1:wow dat girl as so awsome she must be a meadhbh !!!
Guy2:Yea def of a mark hard to tell!!!
by monkeymark1991 April 26, 2011
A short, smelly girl with long gangly arms and man like features
You will often find her flashing old men off the bus
"Woah! did you just see that meadhbh?"

"eurgh, what a meadhbh"

"God she smells...must be a meadhbh"
by BeefcakeBill February 26, 2008

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