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An alcoholic beverage, probably one of the first ever created, fermented from honey.
by Antinous September 11, 2003
Some good pussy.
She got that mead!
by Tamara January 07, 2004
NOT A DRINK; but a sexy kind of marymounter
"yo' that not cool man"
by Emily December 03, 2004
A honey-based alcoholic drink from medieval times, often drank today by nerds who play Warhammer, medieval re-enactment knights who think they're actually living in the middle ages, and goths with an interest in both areas.
Here now, who wants a serving of mead? I'm sorry, we have no beer or vodka within these walls. Just mead. Pass me your goblet and I'll pour you some.
by Grazzl March 03, 2004