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Mc + hussy. It doesn't nessesarily mean what it is, and yet most of the time it does... by all means start calling everyone mchussies.haha

Why the Mc you ask? well Mc makes everything sound better and funnier.
also use the word borange, just because you can.

You can thank yas for this brilliant word, and stu from eskimo joe, who likes to call people hussies.<3
"you're a mchussy!"
"(insert name here) Is such a mchussy"
or just for a general greeting "Hey mchussies!"or "mchey mchussy"
by Justimo January 11, 2005

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Some crazy term I stumbled upon at the Eskimo Joe forums. Apparently you just call anyone a McHussy.
"Haha, you McHussy!"
by Court January 30, 2005