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The most beautiful thing you shall ever lay eyes upon, has a great body is athletic, nice and almost always happy. The kind of person that can always cheer you up and is a great friend.
Dang! Mccall is hot!
by GOT_MAC? July 09, 2009
Mccall is a very nice girl but can seem stubborn or stuck up at first. She is pretty and funny, but can sometimes be a little self-centered. Though, once you get t know her she is a funny and good friend.
She can be such a Mccall sometimes
by Lucky swany February 24, 2013
When a boy sits on his neck and lower back with his legs up on the air and his butt cheeks spread. He then fills his butt hole with marmalade. He then has his lover spoon it out with a wooden cooking spoon and feed it to him.
Dude, that chick is such a freak she gave me a McCall.
by jgyfg January 14, 2008
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