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A combination of a McChicken with LITE MAYO and a McDouble w/ BigMac Secret Sauce (no other toppings). The McDouble is pulled apart in such a way that each half contains a bun and a burger patty. The McChicken is then gently slid into place on the meaty foundation. The towering delicacy should be pressed together gently with a sense of purpose. Keep the buns, you paid for them.
Jummy: Wanna head to mcdeezeys?

Calobster: Let's roll baby, I'm feeling a McTrouble.
by abbott_williams May 06, 2011
The combination of a McDouble and a McChicken from McDonald's. Make sure to remove the bottom bun from the McChicken and place on top of the McDouble, as to keep the mayonnaise intact. Tasty delight.
Server: Hi, welcome to McDonald's! May I take your order?

Customer: BITCH, I want a McTrouble!
by Scaughtey July 29, 2009
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