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An upscale McDouble, the next step for a dollar menunaire. Comes complete with three patties. Number of cheese slices are still being debated.
Ben: Yeah I need three McDoubles.
Voice: You dont just want two McTriples?
Ben: Oh, that works...but how many slices of cheese are on those?
#mcdouble #mcdonalds #cheese #mccafe #double cheeseburger
by Cody and Rudy October 25, 2009
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A Mcdonalds fan, That inhales Mcdonalds for breakfast, lunch, Dinners, And in betweens.
Person 1: Dude, Did you see that cow cross the road?
Person 2: That was a person. He's defiantly a Mc-Triple.
Person 1: Are you sure?
#mcdonald's #cow #skinny #fat #doubles #large
by _Teeeylerrr_ June 30, 2014
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