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A delicious concoction which cures all forms of munchies. It is traditionally an apple pie which unfortunately gets brutally slut fucked by an oreo mcflurry, only to bear a very, very beautiful child. In recent years, one terrible, terrible mcflurry created the Double McSlutFuck, in which two apple pies (or sluts) got fucked.
Peter: Hey, can I get a bigmac combo, a double McSlutFuck, large fries and a coke?

Sally: Excuse me sir... can you repeat that? A mc... what?
Peter: McSlutFuck.
Sally: I'm sorry sir, I do not know what that is.
Peter: 2 sluts one fuck!
Sally: Oh! Of course!
by AFuckingVelociraptor May 02, 2010
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A delicious cornucopia of awsomeness consisting of an Oreo McFlurry with an apple pie or two mixed into it. Great to satisfy munch.
-I do say Tottingham, this McSlutFuck is simply delicious!
-Why indeed good Sir Chesterworth.
by DelBoy2011 April 28, 2010

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