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McPoops are the shits you take right after eating McDonalds. One usually gets the McPoops after eating a McDonalds item that doesn't agree with you or after eatig healthy food for awhile and then going back to McDonalds.
I had the McPoops for a day after that BigMac.
by Phil B. April 30, 2006
When you take a dump in the bathroom at Mcdonalds
Fred ate 5 McMuffins and then took a McPoop at Mcdonalds yesterday.
by TahoeBob May 31, 2008
The poop you have to take almost immediately after ingesting Mc Donald's food.
I'll be back in 10 minutes... I had a big mac for lunch and i have to go take a mc poop.
by hahaidontgetit April 03, 2009