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When you take a dump in the bathroom at Mcdonalds
Fred ate 5 McMuffins and then took a McPoop at Mcdonalds yesterday.
by TahoeBob May 31, 2008
someone who gets a new snowboard and ruins it by putting on a stomp pad
bob: dude i just bought a lib tech skate banana for 350$
joe: man wtf theres a stomp pad on it you gaper
bob: no its a dakine traction pad its totally sweet
joe: STOMP DOUCHE!!!!!
by tahoebob August 25, 2007
When the wii isnt in stock but you wiily want one so you ask for a waincheck
Dude I was at walmart and they were all out of wiis but the wii-tarded manager wouldn't give me a waincheck
by tahoebob August 26, 2007

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