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The process in which politics takes on the characteristics of fast-food--cheap, inauthentic, fast, and consumed by the masses with little thought given to quality.
"Tina Fey's impersonation of Palin was headlined all over in McPolitical news"

"Obama was spreading his McPolitics everywhere during his world tour"

"McCain's McPolitical strategy to choose Palin created a media blitz"

"Palin dethroned Obama as the latest popitician in McPolitics"

"Oprah has endorsed her latest brand of McPolitics by choosing popitician Barack Obama"

"We'll never know the real issues behind the candidates with all this McPolitics going on"

"My favorite sources for McPolitical news are The Daily Show, Colbert Report, SNL and sometimes The View"

by DorothyW September 19, 2008
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