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The term used to describe how a fat person feels after a long day of work as they walk through the McDonalds door.
Jenny's fat ass had a McOrgasm when she went to McDonalds.
by JonnyWonny August 17, 2005
The pleasureful sensation one receives from consuming hot, delicious McDonald's food
These fries are giving me a McOrgasm
by DuckmanDick2 June 12, 2010
Like orgasm, except when Ronald McDonald has one.
Term first used circa 1980.
"Mc Oh! Mc Oh!" (sound made when having a McOrgasm!)
by Muffy McO March 04, 2010
The epic combination of a McDonalds double cheeseburger, with a McDonalds McChicken patty in between the hamburger patties.
Dude, this McOrgasm is the SHIZZLE BAM DIZZLE!
by ArtInstituteEdge February 07, 2009
The epic combination of a McDouble, McChicken, Small Fry, and an Apple Pie.

How to prepare a McOrgasm:
1. Split the McDouble patties
2. Place the McChicken between beef patties
3. Place the Small Fry on top of the 2nd patty
4. Complete the sandwhich with an apple pie
5. Top bun

and there you go...the one true way to make a McOrgasm.
-"What the hell!? did you just put an apple pie on your sandwhich?"
-"Why yes i did. it's called a McOrgasm!"
by Ronald McHorny August 18, 2010
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