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one who gets owned by fat eight year olds at mcdonald's on those game consoles you can play while you wait for your grease.
look, that kid just beat nick at mario kart 3 times straight. what a McNoob.
by the undying zombie July 10, 2008
A complete and utter N00B who works at McDonalds, or eats there far too much for the good of their own health
(see n00b for full meaning)
1. Me: "Andrew you coming out tonight?"
Andrew: "No, Im working at McDonalds tonight"
Me: "Dude your such a McNoob"

2. Daniel: "Hey, anyone fancy McDonalds?
I need some McNuggets"
Me: "No Dude! Your Such a McNoob!"
by Rawly March 08, 2008
The maccest of all noobs.
Person 1: Hey look at Fenry, he got framed by Michael
Person 2: What a "mcnoob."
Person 1: Extreme!!!!!!!
by blankblank May 18, 2006
To be a proud Noob
Mc - Taken from McLovin
Noob - to be a newbie
McNoob - short
McNoobin - similar to McLovin
Your a McNooB - your a proud noob
I am McNooBin - im a proud NooB the 'Mc' and 'in' is in relation to McLovin
Self titled noob - i am a noob - im a McNoob
by Julian Parks March 16, 2008
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