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1.To Perform A Complete Lack of Sportsmanship During A Game Of Pro Evolution Soccer Where a Player Cuts The Ball Back Accross The Face Of The Goal To Score In An Open Net While The Keeper Is Completely Defenseless.

2.The Word Dirty Cut Back Can be Used in the Heat of the Moment as an insult to a fellow Pro Evolution Soccer Competitor
1. Liam: 'GOAL!'
Scott: 'It was a dirty cut back!'

2. Paul: 'Oi You DoucheRocket'
Matt: 'You Dirty Cut Back'
by Rawly March 04, 2008
A complete and utter N00B who works at McDonalds, or eats there far too much for the good of their own health
(see n00b for full meaning)
1. Me: "Andrew you coming out tonight?"
Andrew: "No, Im working at McDonalds tonight"
Me: "Dude your such a McNoob"

2. Daniel: "Hey, anyone fancy McDonalds?
I need some McNuggets"
Me: "No Dude! Your Such a McNoob!"
by Rawly March 08, 2008
1. Brap - To Brap off to something i.e Porn
Brap - To Brap on webcam to another girl
2. Brapped can be used for past tense
1. Matt: 'Hey Paul are you coming out or what?'
Paul: 'Dude im Brapping on cam'
Matt: 'OK'

2. Andrew: 'I Just Brapped'
by Rawly March 04, 2008

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