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The Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs agree that the name MacInnes and all of its variants are of ancient and unique origin. The celtic version is closer to Mac Aonghais. During ancient times the Mac Innes clan followed King Colla from Ireland to Dalriada and established themselves there as one of the original clans to settle that part of Scotland from Ireland. They weathered many hardships but the final straw was the Jacobite Rebellion, which split the clan and led to the Highland Clearances. As a result, the clan has been scattered across the United States and Canada, with some contingents in Australia. The various customs and immigration services of the areas where the Scotsmen settled seem to have corrupted the name many times, leaving a wide variety of variants.
Surnames: Mcinnes, Macinnes, Mcangus, Mcginnis, Mcinnis, Mckinnish, Mcmaster
Her last name is McInnes
by Mamad0525 July 19, 2008
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