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A heart attack caused by eating too much McDonalds.
*Girl walks up with a tray full of McChickens and begins to eat*
Boy:"Dang girl! You're gonna have a McHeart-attack!"
by monicaaa October 14, 2007
A heart attacked caused by high body-fat content, specifically obtained by frivolously eating too much fast food.
Mama Cass died from a McHeart Attack
by Flora January 14, 2004
When you order from McDonalds, Nuggets, Chicken Burger, Big Mac fris and that fish thing and you put them all between two buns. It will probeobly kill you in one bite.

I have seen it before...
Travis- Man, i just ordered some frys, nuggets, a chicken burger and that fish thing from mcdonalds and put it all together.

Mike- Wow. Id be carefull eating that!

Travis-(eats it) CHest in pain! Left arm numb! (passes out on floor)

Mike- Travis? Oh Fudge! That Mc-Heartattack must have killed him!!!
by Michael Amesse May 06, 2008
A delicious creation where you split a McDouble in half and put an entire McChicken sandwich between the two patties. Clogging your arteries has never tasted this good.

It's possible to do this at Wendy's as well. The myths say that combining food from both restaurants can induce an orgasm.
Bro 1: Hey bro wanna get some McDonalds?
Bro 2: Hot damn I do, let's get McHeartAttacks
Bro 1: I'm getting two
Bro 2: I'm getting three
Bro 1: We're gonna die young.
Bro 2: I'm putting barbeque sauce on mine.
Bro 1: Niggers.
Bro 2: Naggers.
by Skull64 May 14, 2011

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