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People who reside in Mcdonalds for most of their lives. They are nocturnal creatures who looks similar to the inside of a yaks arse. They have a distinct smell of rotten testacles with cheese on toast.
The boys John (fatus) Dalton, Patrick (retard) Quinn and Alistair (Poofter) Lobb are perfect demonstrations of the word McFuckup.
by Ronald Mcdonalds August 21, 2006
An EPIC fail of monumental proportions, one in which you either do something extremely stupid or the polar opposite and think your doing something really smart but in fact it turns out to be a fail
You Mcfuckup'd dident you.
by DjDanny October 04, 2011
When the People at McDonalds fuck up your order by forgetting your fries, milkshake size, not taking the pickles off your big mac, forgetting your extra patty you ordered, or just plain fucked up your order
Guy 1: Man!! the dumbass at the counter forgot to take off the tomatoes and forgot my fries!!

Guy 2: Haha! Dog, he had a McFuckup on your order hardcore!
by Thatoneguy213 February 26, 2010
n: When a fast food restaurant employee makes a mistake while taking and/or making your order

v: To perform a McFuck-up
"Dude, that guy mcfucked-up and gave me the wrong sauce."

"Look at this McFuck-up!"
by iGiraffe May 10, 2010
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