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On newgrounds.com, there used to be flash shooters. And then Combat Instinct 1 came along. Although simple nowadays back then it had a huge impact.
Later, Combat Instinct 2 came along, and was instantly at number one, and remaning there for several weeks. People noted it for it's (then) amazing graphics, and new gameplay.
Finally combat instinct 3 came, and was one of the best games in the history of newgrounds. The level of functionality and playabilty were on par with multi-million commercial first person shooters.
McFretN made these games, and they revolutionised the Flash Portal. But now everyone has forgotten him, and this is my tribute to him. I love you.
"Is McFretn is the best flash programmer out there?"
"If fire hot?"
by Thegreatnick August 30, 2006
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