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A Scottish man who is attractive.
You'll meet Sam from Columbia at the gig. He's a McFitty!
by Trixie May 12, 2008
A take on the word McVitties, but referring to Fit people, hot girls/boys
There are no Mcfitties at this bar, lets leave and go to another one
by SlickTingz January 28, 2012
Any thing and everything, When describing someone or something It dosent have to make sense, It's a universal word, Those who are random use it at the end of a sentance as a great climatic thing to say, It's not an offensive word nor a complimentary word it's just THE WORD!!!

Sometimes described as Jase/Lauranesss!!!
"Whoa that guy outside with the ginger mullet is well McFitty"
by Jase McFitty September 19, 2007
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