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A college located in Westminster MD, which is overrated, terrible education, and it's the worst place a college student can ever be. If you want a terrible college experience, apply and you will be accepted. The athletic program is the worst of al D3 schools. They teams are not capable of winning any games, and the coaching staff is the worst of them all. If you want to be a "collegiate athlete" and no other college will accept you, come to McDaniel and we will put you on a team and make your life hell. But technically you are not an athlete, so don't go off campus with your sports gear because you will be ridiculed and made fun off, and probably you will want to kill your self. You will realize that no one gives a shit about you and that you are a mochary of D3 athletics all over the country. When it comes to girls, all the girls are covered in achene and the ratio of fat chicks to in shape, is a 13:1 ratio. It's is as if they wear a bed sheet for clothes because they can't find anything that they can wear.

Please come attend McDaniel if you want to have a terrible college experience, but remember that you will regret it the moment you step foot on campus. And be aware that McDaniel will always ask you for money, and drain your wallet no matter what.
Hopkins: You attend Mcdaniel college?
Student: Yes I do, and I play soccer for them.
Hopkins: Did the coach ask you to play when you went to a camp during the summer?
Student: Yes, Coach Corrieri asked me to play.
Hopkins: That sucks, you guys suck.
Students: I know, my club team and high school team was so much better.
Hopkins: Im sorry to hear that.
by Steve Corrieri April 23, 2017
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