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The by-product of the near uncontrollable need to to find a toilet after the consumption of McDonalds. May occur to anybody of any age at any time, but is most common the morning after an evening of heavy alcohol intake. Also commonly seen in children, especially during road trips. Side effects include gas and cramping.
Kid: (in car) MOMMY! MOMMY! Pull the car over! I need a bathroom!
Mother: what's wrong? are you going to pee in your pants?
Kid: NO!!! My McCrapples are slipping! HURRY!!

example #2
Dude 1: Nothing hits the spot like McDonalds after a night like that!
Dude 2: Ya Man! We closed that joint- Yikes! Gotta run! I've got to drop McCrapples!
Dude 1: Bathroom is thataway!
by rpoo June 10, 2010
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