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A guy that always finds an excuse to take his shirt off is "pulling a McConaughey".
My neighbor goes to the mailbox shirtless everyday, just to give the neighborhood yentas something to meow about....I swear that guys is "pulling a McConaughey".
by dehubb133 August 22, 2008
a bong rip taken in the nude. An allusion to Matthew McConaughey's arrest for possession of marijuana while taking bong hits and playing bongo drums in the nude.
I woke up on Friday at 11 am, and started my day with a couple of McConaugheys.
by OsirusR July 17, 2009
To think out loud while obviously stoned
Joe loves to McConaughey in his new Buick, must be because he's tripping balls all the time
by preppyaf February 17, 2015
McConaughey or The McConaughey is an alternative term referring to anal sex.
My girlfriend bent over and asked for The McConaughey.
I tried to McConaughey your sister last night, but she said, "No."

by Ealaionta January 01, 2008
An actor or actress who continues to get A-list roles despite the fact that their films repeatedly bomb. To be a McConaughey, an actor or actress has their star-making role, followed by flop after flop to the point where audiences question why the performer continues to receive high-profile roles. Named after Matthew McConaughey, an actor dubbed as a rising star after his performance in Dazed and Confused, and continually called one despite the fact that every movie he has ever starred in (outside of romantic comedies) has flopped horribly.
Other examples of McConaugheys are Colin Farrell, Josh Hartnett, Orlando Bloom, and Halle Berry. The list of McConaugheys continually change and are always up for debate. Being a McConaughey is not permanent. The most famous example of an actor managing to reverse McConaughey status is Heath Ledger. Ledger was a McConaughey to the point of almost replacing McConaughey as the prime example until he starred in Brokeback Mountain.
by robsul82 April 02, 2007
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