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Causative verb. To be Mccained.
1) To be screwed, shafted, ripped off.
2) To have no luck.
3) To be worked over by someone.
I worked overtime, and didn't get paid for it; I got mccained big time!
I stepped out the door, and into a pile of dog dodo; I got totally mccained.
I tried hitting on this cute girl, and her boyfriend came over and mccained the s*** out of me; now I'm covered in bruises and have two black eyes!
by franglaisbis September 13, 2008
2 9
To get absolutely crushed in a contest, competition, or race.
Dude: The Lakers didn't just lose. They got McCained.
by Port and Stout July 10, 2008
57 19
Being beaten at sometihing by a black man.

See Obama and McCain
My white friend got McCained when his girl ran off with that black guy.
by JackNerk November 05, 2008
5 1
When you are micromanaged into something that was actually terrible for your career, and completely against what you yourself wanted to do.
Hugh: Hey, you know Robyn? Who did 'Konichiwa Bitches'? She had a hit in, like, 1997 with that 'show me love, show me life, baby show me what's all about' song.

Caitlin: Wow. Someone got McCained...
by H&CinOz January 12, 2009
5 2
Rendering your computer's OS highly inoperable through such things as a total unawareness of the basics of virus protection, .exe files, or that popups aren't free games.
I wouldn't fuck with John today; he McCained his computer and didn't have anything backed up.
by Sheryl Berry August 20, 2008
6 9
When someone's argument is "shot down", or nullified. Referring to John McCain when his attack plane was shot down by an anti-aircraft missile in Vietnam.
Peter got McCained on Tuesday in the Debate Club.
by "Taylord" January 26, 2008
14 22