When someone's argument is "shot down", or nullified. Referring to John McCain when his attack plane was shot down by an anti-aircraft missile in Vietnam.
Peter got McCained on Tuesday in the Debate Club.
by "Taylord" January 26, 2008
Top Definition
To get absolutely crushed in a contest, competition, or race.
Dude: The Lakers didn't just lose. They got McCained.
by Port and Stout July 10, 2008
Being beaten at sometihing by a black man.

See Obama and McCain
My white friend got McCained when his girl ran off with that black guy.
by JackNerk November 05, 2008
When you are micromanaged into something that was actually terrible for your career, and completely against what you yourself wanted to do.
Hugh: Hey, you know Robyn? Who did 'Konichiwa Bitches'? She had a hit in, like, 1997 with that 'show me love, show me life, baby show me what's all about' song.

Caitlin: Wow. Someone got McCained...
by H&CinOz January 12, 2009
Rendering your computer's OS highly inoperable through such things as a total unawareness of the basics of virus protection, .exe files, or that popups aren't free games.
I wouldn't fuck with John today; he McCained his computer and didn't have anything backed up.
by Sheryl Berry August 20, 2008
Causative verb. To be Mccained.
1) To be screwed, shafted, ripped off.
2) To have no luck.
3) To be worked over by someone.
I worked overtime, and didn't get paid for it; I got mccained big time!
I stepped out the door, and into a pile of dog dodo; I got totally mccained.
I tried hitting on this cute girl, and her boyfriend came over and mccained the s*** out of me; now I'm covered in bruises and have two black eyes!
by franglaisbis September 13, 2008
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