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A walking vagina who bleeds without control. They bleed usually in the morning. Also known as a pussy.
The Mazzeo sat waiting there until he notices his walking vagina was bleeding.
by honey123 June 11, 2012
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1. A contemptuous and arrogant sociopath who gains the trust of others using deception. Frequently manipulates and victimizes those around him for his own personal gain. When there is nothing left to take, the relationship is brutally severed in such a way that causes others to believe that he is some kind of victim.
2. A modern day snake oil salesman who takes advantage of the desperate and ill.
1. "Turns out her ex was a total Mazzeo. Not only was he abusive, he also had her convinced that it was her own fault."
2. "He just woke up one day & decided he was a shaman. Then he started charging those poor cancer patients $150 a session to wave his hands around & tell them they were cured!"
by EvilDerp June 06, 2015

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