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A small car built by Mazda starting in 1977 and ran through the early 90's. The car's family line started in 1964 and ran through 2003 under various names in the different markets.
My Mazda 323 GTX is now a prepped race car.

I like to drive me Mazda 323, its a great reliable daily driver.
#mazda #awesome #car #familia #protege
by Mazda_Gremlyn December 15, 2008
A piece of crap, once resembling a car, that somehow manages to get you from point A to point B, complaining as it goes.
The car you will undoubtedly receive if your parents are trying to give you a nice graduation present for as little money as possible, not to be confused with a 'lemon'. The damn thing still runs... just not well.
Bob: "Damn look at that Mazda 323 go!"
Billy: "I can't believe its still running after all these years!"
Bob: "I should have gotten a crapper for a car too."
#lemon #mazda #car #crap #old.
by Trombone Girl July 23, 2008
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