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An absolutely gorgeous girl who is extremely fun to be around. She's very outgoing, but if the boy she likes is in the room, she'll be bright red and silent. Mayzie is generally very athletic, and pretty musically inclined. She'll be good at things like soccer, running, and dancing. Mayzie is a real thinker, and can come up with amazing solutions to everyday problems. She is also well motivated, and has good morals in general. However, Mayzie can tell a very convincing lie if necessary, and can be very sneaky. No matter what, though, a Mayzie will win your heart with her smile, and keep it with her personality.
Did you see that girl's smile?!

Yeah...what a Mayzie...
by bubbles27 January 17, 2011
A goddess-like girl. Someone who is absolutely gorgeous, but doesn't really know it. A girl who defines stunning, beautiful, or gorgeous.
That girl is drop-dead GORGEOUS!

I agree. Definitely a Mayzie.
by bubbles27 January 17, 2011
A beautiful girl afraid of love.
Doctor Suess's "Daisy Head Mayzie"
by bubbles27 January 17, 2011

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