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A McDonalds restaurant character that has been retired for a while now. He had a hamburger for a head.
They've retired a number of other characters, too
by Ryan Thompson January 18, 2004
A colleague who consistently leaves work ('cheeses it') much earlier than expected, leaving you wondering whether they are actually employed part-time.
"Hey, where's Padma?"
"Sorry buddy, Mayor McCheese has already cheesed it"
"What?! But it's only 3pm!"
by jimmy tsolakis November 22, 2007
when a girl has had too much fast food before a blowjob and pukes on the penis during the act
i knew she had too many chicken nuggets when she Mayor Mc'cheesed all over my cock
by boobb November 07, 2007
It is a synonym for wang.
Sometimes I like to look at pictures of Rosie O'Donnell and play with my Mayor McCheese.
by Tom Penniman December 08, 2005
When a married public official cleans the cheese from your foreskin.
That cop will never bust me, I know him as Mayor McCheese.
by Zigi and Arete September 23, 2010
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