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The #1 Runescape Pure clan. We defeat Eop + Foe, commonly named Foeop every time we run in with them. Been #1 for the past 10 years of Runescape Clan history and Always will be. Mayhem Makers are currently the last standing pure clan of Runescape accepting only True pures.
Mayhem makers ran into Foeop last saturday. It was a complete massacre of Mithril and Adamant armour all over the ground and Every Member of the Mayhem makers made bank off of Foeop. Gwas indeed.
by 2inthepink April 21, 2011
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Mayhem Makers is a RuneScape clan of PUSSIES. They like to Teleport out of the wilderness in fights. Ever find yourself in Mayhem Makers, start slitting your wrists.
"Mayhem Makers are teletubbies" ...
by JamesTerrenceBarnard November 28, 2007
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