A derivative of "mackin'"; to pimp.
Eric was maxin' with all those hoes by his side.
#pimp #mackin #mack #pimpin #maxin
by Erzy July 27, 2006
Top Definition
Relaxin to the max, has nothing to do with climax or orgasm, however, possibly following this, your maxin pretty hard. When your takin it so easy that all your words endin in ING, become only IN.
While skippin class, drinkin in the sun on your roof in the company of your friends, smoking your favourite substance, knowing you can do the same thing tomorrow, you better believe your fuckin maxin out.
#relaxin #chillin #chillaxin #kickin it #fuckin the dog
by Caladonia July 30, 2006
joking, kidding, just like "are you joshin' me?"
Jessica: What an ugly guy!
Liliana: Are you maxin' me?! He is fineeeee.
#joshin' #kidding #jp #jk #joking
by lP&&jW July 10, 2009
To eat a lot of food. Can be one or multiple kinds of food.
Man, I was maxin up at Buffalo Wild Wings last night!
#eating #grubbin #pigging out #chowing #getting your eat on
by hukedanfonix February 19, 2008
when you eat a shitload of one type of food
i was maxin on jelly beans last night
#eating #stuffing face #macksin #maxxin #starving
by flyycity May 15, 2007
snitchin, rattin, in general being a narc
We were up there hustlin flippin white and what not then this kid who was there ended up maxin on us and we got 3 to 5 years.
#snitch #rat #antipwn #informant #narc
by Joseph Greene April 11, 2008
Climax or orgasm
I was maxin when my hoe started bumpin
by Jesse August 14, 2003
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