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The best of the best, the top of the top. A powerful person usually focused in politics and music. Has great knowledge and comprehension will defend himself intellectually no matter what. Despite being smart he is also great in bed and has a long cock. Always get to know a Maximilliano.
"I tried arguing with Maximilliano about something earlier, he kicked my ass intellectually!"


"Man that Maximilliano kid is cool I bet he can lay down some sick riffs on the guitar'
by Fenderguitars November 18, 2013
a male who has a very small but fat chode. one is is unable to do more than one thing while having sex, or even making out. maximilliano is very immature, though he may try and act cool, he is usually a really weird guy. ladies, if you find a man named maximilliano run away and never turn back. he is most likely going to turn gay.
I 'hung out' with maximilliano and he sucked at everything! what a faggot.
by dicksuckinglesbianman February 05, 2011

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