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Highly sophisticated and complex language spoken by only 2 people in the universe so far.
A:Whut r hugh dew ink Wuhf Wuhf?
B:Ahm abahoot to get sum Urban Mist Oats..
A:Ok..Wurrd..peess' ahoot..luh yuh guh fuhevuh an ahlwess'
B:FahReals' DoodyPooples. Chyuh! BUH!


A:Me so sad cuz I haven't gotten AutoMeet in 5 months =(
B:U know that yoo have to give MickyDucks to get AutoMeet don't yoo?
A:Oh ah doo? Ah didn't know Mic Checkin went both ways..

C:What are they talking about?
D:I have no idea..I think it's MAXACY..I don't speak it.
#why #do #i #have #to fill #this shit out??
by TwinkieCam January 22, 2006
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