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An impassable arrangment of banana peels in Mario Kart 64.

This strategy is usually done with the banana peel trail, and requires the driver to drive laterally on the track, placing the banana peels at regular intervals.

The MaxLayman is most effective on the top yellow platform in Block Fort, at the border of the bridge.
Alex: Who put the MaxLayman in front of the jump on Wario Stadium?

Max: That was me. Thats for lightninging me on the last lap.
by Roy Ronysef April 24, 2010
This is a move in Nintendo 64 Mario Kart battle where a player strategically places a row of bananas in such a way that it blocks a pathway or causes utter confusion within the player.
"Who laid that MaxLayman over the bridge between the red and blue block forts?!"
by tootall4yall23 April 24, 2010
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