1. mad awkward

2. the state of being awkward in a mad way

3. lacking social graces or manners, awkward

—Related forms
mawk·ward·ly, adverb
mawk·ward·ness, noun
un·mawk·ward, adjective
un·mawk·ward·ly, adverb
un·mawk·ward·ness, noun


1. awkward, unhandy, inexpert.


1. deft, adroit. 2. smooth
1. Dick: H-h-h-hey Sarah

Michelle: My name's Michelle...

Lionel: Mawkward...

2. (stranded at a party 50 miles from home)

Sebastian: Yo dude can I have a ride?

Tucker: Yeah man. My dad will pick us up

(Tucker's father arrives in a Porsche Coupe)

Tucker: There's only 2 seats dude... sorry gotta go.

(Tucker races off into the sunset)

Sebastian: Mawkward...
by 12ssmalanskas August 09, 2010
excessively, simperingly awkward.
1. "I can't decide if 'Miguelito', dry humping Troy's leg, nose twitching like a bunny, is adorable or mawkward!"
2. "The Oprah show's schmaltz factor is off the rails these days, too mawkward, i just can't watch."

(or maybe "...mawkward, i love it!")
by tess jr January 27, 2009

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