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Typically a woman who has several children to several different men, living off of welfare and who resides in a trailer park or similar surroundings.
"The Mavis across the road just had her sixth kid and doesnt know who the father is"
by Carmie April 20, 2006
36 98
A very sexy and extremely awesome girl/woman
Like wow....thats a mavis right there
by robertismyname August 06, 2006
185 54
Queen of the Scene
by Maavviiss July 11, 2009
61 30
Means Blue in Turkish
Blue like the sea
Mavi means blue in turkish
by daisyflowers101 June 16, 2009
43 13
The bitter wife of Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots from the Transformers franchise.
After slaving over a nice cooked meal of motor oil and transmission fluid, Mavis, once again, sits alone and angry at the dinner table as Optimus fights yet another herd of Decepticons.
by JustAGuy101 January 08, 2013
27 9
A pretty girl with silky hair who has a talent for the neatest handwriting.
That girl over there, oh crap, it's Mavis! She's just SO pretty!
by Laurel Mercer June 14, 2013
16 2
A cool girl hu is a compite nutter
mave is sooo cool. Nearly everyone likes mave
by Barker November 25, 2004
62 60
A mavis is your partner/ best friend.
"I'm going to the cinema with mavis" or "What am I to you?" "You're my mavis" or "She's her mavis".
by Youaremymavis July 11, 2013
3 4