A cool girl hu is a compite nutter
mave is sooo cool. Nearly everyone likes mave
by Barker November 25, 2004
A person with inadequate social skills and a perceived level of eccentricity or eccentric habits.
- I've heard she has a collection of spoons that she's found on the street
- Fucking hell, she's a right mavis
by AmbiguousB January 17, 2012
an effeminate or overtly gay man or camp queen
person 1 - hey, look over there! that is one over the top gay boy!

person 2 - yeah! a real mavis!
by dougie g (a gay guy) August 18, 2006
Typically a woman who has several children to several different men, living off of welfare and who resides in a trailer park or similar surroundings.
"The Mavis across the road just had her sixth kid and doesnt know who the father is"
by Carmie April 20, 2006
a girl who is white trash that thinks she is miss. beverly hills
she is such a mavis
by zingabob March 04, 2003
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