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John McCain
John McCain is a maverick
by gregregatron October 12, 2008
Best friggin' team in the NBA yo! ;)
-Dallas Mavericks..
The Dallas Mavericks scored 120 points last night!
by Jefiner February 28, 2004
One who takes it up the ass profusely while enjoying fruity beverages.
Mav, you fruity bender, stop that shit, man!
by Seebee77 September 23, 2003
mav·er·ick spûrsnsuns·suhk·mahy·bawls

1. Anything that rapes Spurs, Suns, Bulls, or Heat.

2. Archenemy of the referees of the NBA. (see) 2006 NBA finals

3. Archenemy of Charles Barkley

4. A team that was once "turned around 360 degrees" by Jason Kidd....hmmmmm

5. Any Mark Cuban based substance

6. German driven powerhouse

7. Avery Johnson

8. Suck it

(see) number 1 playoff seed
Nigga shut yo biscuit head, the mavericks are raping spurs!
by Chris Stew April 12, 2007
Could very well be the next tallest and fastest coastewr on the planet at Cedar Point. At least over 500'.
Dude, I will seriously soil myself on my first ride on Maverick!
by jorkonjorkon March 05, 2006
a great band that tours in music festivals such as AGMF and sonfest. they realy kick ass and have some great lyrics and meaning to their songs while giving a lot of original sound you can realy LUV. singer is one of the most telented heard
"saw maverick at sonfest, and i cant get all the great sogns outa my head, cant wait for their CD"
by scotty April 07, 2004
verb. The act of ruining the joke of a topic by using sheer stupidity and ignorance by replying to it seriously.
"You just mavericked the topic!"
by DarkKnight December 21, 2003