A shameless pandering liar. One whose ambition is fueled by an angry sense of entitlement.
John McCain is a maverick.
by TheBestWayToRobABankIsToOwnOne September 19, 2008
A person that dispoints everyone in all Online games, a Failure to accomplish that of the most simplest Tasks.
Dude you're such a Maverick!
by MaverickWing August 09, 2009
Verb: to look something up on Dictionary.com to find its pronunciation.
We had no idea how to say Aeschylus, so we mavericked it.
by PandC December 24, 2008
a. conformist; b. flip-flopper; c. puppet; d. idiot; e. liar
McCain and Palin are mavericks, and they make me want to drink.
by The Skirt October 15, 2008
A politician who's all talk but no walk.
Damn, that Tina Fey is a HOT maverick, fo sho!
by Pyroponce October 05, 2008
a person who is just the shit!
maverick is what REID is from the BAy area ,in CA
by Sydney_baby009 November 07, 2009
John McCain and Sarah Palin
Damn, John McCain is such a Maverick!
by ShotMaster October 05, 2008

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