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The Mav and Goose Combo (short for Maverick and Goose Combination) is best described as an exclusive clique that rolls two girls deep. Established in 2005 at Indiana University of PA, the combo is often misunderstood by others outside of the group. This results in the combo often being known as “those girls” at the party. This means that their activities include but are not limited to: howling like coyotes, doing the soulja boy, g-slide, and indy step, intense lip gloss application, shots of vlad, beer bongs, making out with several people, blacking out, falling down, talking in Brooklyn accents, peeing on couches, floors, beds, etc., singing along to loud music, dump trucking nachos, drunk cooking, dancing around, and in general being the life of the party. But the Mav and Goose Combo isn’t just all parties. They enjoy the finer things in life such as: naps, slip-and-slides, big sunglasses, tube socks, sex hair, strip aerobics, immaculate titties, “putting in a good word”, banging cake day, strip clubs, being hated by everyone in their major, keg slut stances, lip gloss, loud music, ghost riding, sifl and olly, jell-o shots, owning it, biffs, being an “item”, and many other daily activities. As previously stated the Mav and Goose Combo is often misunderstood and even hated on occasionally, but the truth of the matter is no matter how you slice it, they are the number one package deal
"Wow those girls are bangin"
"Yeah they're part of the mav and goose combo"
by chodog3317 October 05, 2007
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