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having yourself and five of your closest buddies shit in somebody's toilette without flushing. That way the shitter will not flush and someone will have to scoop out the shit so that the toilet will flush again.
"Hey bro! We went Dump trucking at Ted's house, he had to scoop out the shit with a spoon."
by Uncle Shep January 22, 2008
114 40
Two or more people dropping a pile of steaming two-flush corn-logs onto a willing (or alternately unwilling) participant. This act is like an amalgamation of bukkake and the cleaveland steamer.
"Dude, do you remember dump trucking on that homeless dude last night?"
"That chick at the truck stop was just begging for a dump trucking, good thing I ate that tuna sandwich!"
"Don't forget to eat some corn on the cob for lunch, today; Heather wants us to dump truck on her tonight."
by Butt Buffalo May 21, 2008
32 21
the act of a guy shoving his dick up another guy's ass
Joe: After Carl and I went dump trucking, i was shitting cum for half an hour.
by superawesomedman June 03, 2009
6 24
basicaly like crop dusting but aplied when just standing around in a group or in line and someone farts.
guy 1:i was dump trucking people at work all afternoon.
guy 2:must have been the mexican food lunch buffet.
by tkeenan March 26, 2008
2 51
Much like tea bagging, except for the fact that it is done with the males balls in the woman's mouth, and not forehead as done in tea bagging.
My friend Javier enjoys other males balls in his face, so he partakes in dump trucking.
by Raul Figueroa April 14, 2006
8 61