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Maurice a.k.a. Mo/Moe, is a real man and a boss among bosses!

Usually a man of few words, when Maurice speaks, people listen, and things get DONE!

Maurice's are protective of friends and family, hard workers and natural born leaders.

Maurice will usually avoid drama, but will not easily back down from a challenge.

Maurice can be a big flirt, so he has a lot of female friends. If you know a Maurice you can bet he knows at least three more of them.
"Erick-Maurice said he would take care of it.

Kevin-Yea, then you know it's done right."

"Brian-Have you seen Maurice?
Jake- Yea, but which one?"
by Momoney Morpheus April 15, 2011
Maurices are either very good at sports or very good at school. Generally, Maurices are known to just want to chill out in peace and drink a nice adult beverage from time to time. Maurices generally like to live the simple life all year round. They are fans of all Winter sports, they really like when it snows outside.
"That player skates as fast as a rocket!"
"Obviously, you are talking about Maurice "The Rocket" Richard here."

Guy 1: "What's that mathematical equation mean Maurice?"
Maurice: "It simply means Maurice = Snow."
Guy 1: "Wow! Maurice you are sure smart at school!"
by the penguinizer July 31, 2010
A man who loves you peaches enough to shake your tree. Is commonly refereed to as a space cowboy. and gets his lovin on the run.
did you see maurice over there playing music in the sun?
by shadowdixon February 16, 2011
Completly awesome. Hangs out in chat rooms with his buddys talks gamer slang in everyday situations. Best friends with Connor. Melodie is his bitch.
Melodie: Maurice wanna come to the movies with me?
Maurice: IDk was gonna hang out and chat with my peeps.
Melodie: Pl0x
Maurice: You have Melted my heart with you r amer slang i shall go with you.

Bystander: That Melodie is a lucky bitch.
by Unexplainableqwerty January 21, 2010
The most amazing type of person in the entire universe. Maurice's are always amazing at everything. Highly intelligent motivated and destine to be world leaders Maurice's are feared, respected and admired by their peers. The sheer awesomenous of Maurice's has no boundary and consider yourself lucky if you ever meet a Maurice. Women want him and men want to be him. Maurice's are natural leaders, Alpha Males in their packs, leading teams and businesses from the front to success.
Maurice Greene
Maurice Hope
Maurice Fischer
by Human behaviour specialist June 12, 2013
The name of an imaginary friend who's always present in the room when people are smoking pot.
"You guys wanna go hang with Maurice?"

"Maurice knocked the bong over!"

"Maurice is our safety meeting coordinator."
by spragglemitnick March 21, 2013
Name used to adress or distinguish within a crowd a fellow male member of the Maurice nation. Distinguish by having abnormal tendency to party and turn day to day situation upside down a Maurice can either be views has a threat or an essential part of social interactions within a community.
Using the expression like calling out loud "Maurice!!" in order to offer your friend a beer

Gascogne's: "Maurice!, une p'tite frette?"
Maurice member: "2 big 10 dans yeule"

Other day to day usage of the word:

"Fred est un vrai Maurice"
"Les Maurices vont être présent ce soir..."
"Maurice est toujours désagréable!"
by Gascogne October 10, 2011

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