Name used to adress or distinguish within a crowd a fellow male member of the Maurice nation. Distinguish by having abnormal tendency to party and turn day to day situation upside down a Maurice can either be views has a threat or an essential part of social interactions within a community.
Using the expression like calling out loud "Maurice!!" in order to offer your friend a beer

Gascogne's: "Maurice!, une p'tite frette?"
Maurice member: "2 big 10 dans yeule"

Other day to day usage of the word:

"Fred est un vrai Maurice"
"Les Maurices vont être présent ce soir..."
"Maurice est toujours désagréable!"
by Gascogne October 10, 2011
Maurice is the dog that has extreme talent to follow its owner. The dog usually smell other dogs butts to satisfy himself.
Good boy Maurice! Good Boy!
by Cliiiiick here May 17, 2016
A nickname for a person named Marie or similar names. Means from Maurtinia. Used usally to annoy.
Hello Maurice
by Tzar1395 April 26, 2011
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