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An amazing cult of crazy videogame playing, dancing, musical, and psychotic people.
Lets go hang out with the Matus.

Friday night is movie for Matus.
by VilleValoisGod July 19, 2008
a guy thats sucks at all sport and cant perform any athletic abilities
Why you look like Matu?

This is after he missed an open goal in soccer 3 times in a row and cant run so your named a Matu
by soccer222 November 18, 2010
The word Matu has many different meanings.
Matu in a verb means when you have applied blistex to your upper and lower lips.

Matu in an adjective is used to describe a person that is :
1. Ugly
2. Egyptian/Haitian/Italian
3. A person that plays soccer,plays focus, swims, and is smelly.

4. A person that that can speak in Matu language.

5. A person that also wants to always hangout with you.

6. A person that gives you that look look, like not that normal look.

Other forms: Matues (plural) more than one matu
Matuing: The action of being a matu.

Pronounced: MA-TOOOOOOOH
a "Matu": Yo big bruh like dat gurrrrl rite durh was givin' me that look look, not that normal look, but yo i really think she tryna holla at me like she want me.
Big Bruh: Yo U hella sexy yo like i think u should holla like she hella sexy too yo.
a "Matu": SON! she not even that hot yo like she made me hard but she not even that hot she aiight.
by Nimerzinthehouz November 22, 2010