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How do you describe awesomeness, perfection and fun in one word : Matthieu.
Some people have been blessed by the Gods, having both the privilege and the responsibilty of having such a name.

Matthieu's of this world, we salute you.
Thank you for sharing your greatness.
Matthieu is so awesome...
by Matt_The_Conqueror September 07, 2010
Matthieu is a cute loving guy. He can be an asshole, and can be really selfish, but knows his limits. He is a good and sweet boyfriend, he makes everyone laugh, and is really funny. Girls like this kind of guy, because he is very manly. One other thing about Matthieu's are that they are very good in bed.
Matthieu is the best at everything!
by DisneyPrincess December 26, 2012
A French boys name. He loves playing truth or dare, eating muffins, and throwing pillows. Some girls love him, others hate him. Mainly hate him. He loves revenge, and can't wait till Friday.
It's because Naobe just broke Matthieu's dick, duh!
by JumpyBurger9 January 13, 2015
Can be a asshole at times, especialy when hes around his friends.
Isnt as perfect as ashana or kiani or kiaya but thats ok.
Ashana says hes good in bed, such a man whore. Loves to roll in the mud and has a huge huge head.
matthieu is a blonde, big headed, asshole
by yo yo yigidy yo August 25, 2008
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