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A male, usually tall with brown curly hair. Very attractive and kind-hearted. Wants to be friends with everyone and would never want to hurt a soul. Matteo derives from an Italian origin. The name Matteo is commonly used as a name for a twin. The other twin, in this case, would be named Alexio.
Wow, Matteo is so hot.

Matteo is so tall!

Those brown curls get the girls!
by A personnnn April 13, 2013
A young man that frenquents with many babes in his neighbourhood at any given time. Usually extremey attractive and can get it up in less than 0.0684 seconds.
Stacey: Man, Matteo was an absolute beast last night.
Julie: Tell me about it!
by Johnson445 October 27, 2008
a italian name that mean gift of god

this name is often given to a male of european decent

many people with this name are gifted in sports such as cycling soccer and hockey they do well in mathematics and sciences but tend to have a lot of nervous energy and lack concentration when something is not related to them or something they do
by maria niclad August 02, 2009
nickname for San Mateo, CA - a city 20 miles south of San Francisco
"lets hit up matteo"
by hckyzlife March 24, 2006