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A Yaoi pairing of the characters Mello and Matt from the Anime/Manga series "Death Note"
My favorite pairing in Death Note is MattMello
by Tacy Rimal October 14, 2007
A likely pairing between two characters from the popular anime/manga Death Note. Mello's real name is Mihael Keehl, and Matt's is Mail Jeevas.
Matt is a minor character and only makes a few appearances, most of which include him interacting with Mello(leading to this pairing) but despite this he has a large fanbase.
Mello is a larger character, a member of the mafia who wants to own the Death Note to win over his rival, Near, and he also has a large fanbase.

MattMello is the greatest pairing in all of creation.
by fldwolf March 07, 2009