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Creator of Real Doll, a brand of realistic sex dolls that was featured in the movie "Lars and the Real Girl." Sometimes used as slang for AI/mannequin-ish creepiness/obsessiveness.
That guy's created a new toy dog that his built to scale and is covered in real dog fur, which makes it very Matt McMullen.
by Girl86 March 13, 2009
An inspiring and powerful underground non-comercial Rock Band from Seattle, WA. Formed in the late '90s at the famous 909.JOA (just off Aurora) Club. Orginal members include SeanDon, JC Milne, and Brent McDowell(since replaced). The bands name stems from that of a monkey-butler that was the clubs mascot at the time.
"We are Matt McMullen"--Drummer JC Milne
by RunTMC December 28, 2007
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