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Noun or Verb (Usually)

To use a word that has absolutely no meaning or appropriate context whatsoever.

One most often matroxulates to confuse people, but matroxulation is NOT a code word (which does have a hidden meaning)

The word matroxulate is often used as a matroxulation of itself, see examples.
Shove your matroxulate into my matroxulate and matroxulate as hard as you can.

The dog was matroxulated by its owner; a felony in most states.

I ride my matroxulate to work.

If you matroxulate REALLY hard, you'll get into heaven!

Don't forget to wear a matroxulate every time!!! AIDS stops for no matroxulate!

Her matroxulate was slimy and sticky.

He missed her and matroxulated all over the floor.

Your mom gave me a matroxulate last night.

It was akward when the father walked into his bedroom and saw his daughter and wife matroxulating with some drunk guy, who was jiggling his matroxulator. He grabbed his 12 Guage matroxulator and chased the drunk matroxulator to timbuk two.

Don't forget to bring a matroxulate!

To matroxulate or not to matroxulate; that is the matroxulation.

We matroxulated in the back seat of the car. I won.
by Allah-Was-A-JEW! January 28, 2008
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